The Tom and Doug Radio Show

Tom and Doug produce a 30-min weekly radio show for the Pacifica Radio Network, broadcast on WOOL-FM, KHOI-FM, and other stations.

Each week, Tom and Doug discuss their lives and play songs from their 30 years of recording together, and tell the hilarious stories behind the songs.

Tom and Doug also welcome famous (and not-so-famous) guests to the show like Peter Schickele, Nina Paley, and Jersey-shore hero Joe Canzano. They also talk about their endless search for the “3rd Tom and Doug”.

Hear about Tom and Doug’s romps through superstardom, including their connection with Dee Snider (who used Tom and Doug’s recording as his own theme song).

New shows are announced on their website, Facebook page, and you can subscribe to their iTunes channel.


The Tom and Doug Shows

The Tom and Doug Show... now it’s a TV show AND a radio show!

Listen to Tom and Doug’s interview on Iowa Public Radio.

The Tom and Doug TV Show

After five successful years on FM radio stations around the country, The Tom and Doug Show is now on TV, too! We've created look-alike puppet doppelgängers to host the familiar flavor of biographical musical comedy (with a generous touch of social commentary). Tune in to the 26-minute "Tom and Doug Show" on TV.

Tom and Doug reflect on their failures and successes, all told in the context of their 30 years of writing and performing hilarious and thoughtful songs, and often spotlight some of their work that appeared in festivals such as Aspen Shortsfest, ReelHeART, and others. The show also features interviews with off-beat personalities and celebrity guests.

It is produced in Central New Jersey and can be seen on Fridays at 9:30pm, and Saturdays at 12:30am.  New episodes every two weeks!

Shows may also be seen on the Tom and Doug TV Show Vimeo channel.

Part of an Unsolicited Letter From a Radio Station

  “You’re very creative, witty, and talented.

  We’re delighted to have the both of you as part of our late-night schedule.

  The quality of content is unparalleled to anything on the air here.

  Intelligent humor is here to stay on WLRI-FM.”

  Sincerely Christian McLaughlin

  WLRI Station Manager