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                                   2016 JAM Award Nominee!!

Two videos selected for Sept. 22 Rahway Reel Short Film Festival 2018: “Whateverland” at 4pm, “Spank You Very Much” at 5pm!

Tom & Doug were LIVE Friday, August 31

at the Unitarian Fellowship in Ames, Iowa.

There were videos! Songs! Premieres!

New music videos:

“Go To Hell” - a timely take on

the Alice Cooper song.

“Each Day is a Masterpiece”, inspired by Andrea Rossi’s work, and the 11/2017 E-cat demo in Stockholm, Sweden.

“My Girlfriend’s Back” - a little twist on the song we all know!

Tom was in Europium Dance Theater’s  production of “Vodka Valley” June 30 and July 1, 7PM at Music Mountain Theatre, Lambertville. Click here to see Tom and the Bug Box lady (Lauren Johnson).

Tom & Doug video “House on Fire” and a short, “How To...” starring Toronto actors Alex Kotsyk and Jimmy Limb, selected for ReelHeART 2018 Int’l Film Festival. Tom attended!

Tom & Doug’s video,

Community Radio, from

Tom’s 2016 trip to Iowa.

Award-winning videographer, documentary filmmaker, audio recording engineer/producer, composer, singer, musician, actor, and software designer.  Recognized for developing innovative software products, marketing videos, and cable television series for high profile customers and non-profit organizations.  Experienced in leading projects with extremely tight deadlines and budgets. Responsible, efficient, and able to deliver creative and cost-effective solutions to clients' needs. Expertise in collaborating with content experts, composing appropriate musical accompaniment, and processing video for streaming internet use.

The Tom and Doug Shows broadcast weekly! The radio show on Pacifica Radio Network FM stations, and the TV show on Great guests like Peter Schickele, Nina Paley, Joe Canzano, Noemi de la Puente. 

Want more Tom and Doug?

Tom participates in many First Saturday Benefit Open Mic nights at the Elks Club, Lambertville.

Cafe Improv, the long-running musical cabaret show featured on Princeton Community Television, each month at the Paul Robeson Center in Princeton, NJ. Tom muses about this monthly miracle. 

Santa P & The Elves - Tom’s holiday band.

“Andrea Rossi: Revolution” page:  click here. Watch the film trailer, here!  Andrea Rossi discusses music & playing the drums, on this episode of the Tom & Doug Show, and don’t miss this special video interview in honor of Andrea’s birthday.

“Never Mind the Bollocks, It’s Time for Tom & Doug” available on CD and for download - click here! This 4th album from Tom & Doug is chock full of radio show fan favorites and new songs, 21 in all! Subscribe through iTunes.

Click here for list of festival appearances

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Anchor House Charity

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E-Cat Music Videos

                Sigma 5

                music video


                music video

                L.E.N.R Revolution

                music video

                I Believe in the E-Cat

                music video

Santa P & The Elves Music Videos

Nevertheless, It’s Christmas

music video

music video

music video            

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